The Power of Flowers

In Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings because the flower selection was limited and people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words. With so many flower choices in today's times, there are no set rules - it's the sentiment that gives the gift its meaning. However we can help you to select the most appropriate flowers for the message you are sending creating a truly meaning gift. Many people also assign their own personal meanings - a flower or color that might remind them of a special event or moment in their lives.

The flower meanings below are derived from Greek and Roman mythology, the middle ages, the Victorian era and a few from modern day.

Name of Flower
Alstromeria Devotion
Alyssym Excellence beyond beauty
Amaryllis Lily Pride and Beauty
Anemone Forsaken, Fading Hope
Apple Blossom Preference
Arum Lily Ardour
Aster Afterthoughts, love of variety
Azalea Temperance
Baby’s Breath Pure of Heart
Belladonna Lily Silence
Bluebell Constancy
Bridal Rose Happy Love
Bridal Rose White Bud Awakening Love
Buttercup Ingratitude
Camellias: Red Unpretentious
Camellias: White Exquisite Loveliness
Calla Lily Magnificent beauty
Carnations: Red Poor Heart
Carnations: Striped Refusal
Carnations: Yellow Disdain
China Rose Ever New Beauty
Christmas Rose Help for Anxiety
Chrysanthemum: Red I Love
Chrysanthemum: White Truth
Chrysanthemum: Yellow Slighted Love
Clematis Mental Beauty
Columbine Folly
Convolvulus Bonds
Convolvulus: Blue Repose
Convolvulus: Pink Tender Affection
Cornflower Delicacy, refinement
Crocus Abuse Not
Crocus (in Spring) Spring – Youthful Gladness
Cyclamen Diffidence
Daffodils Regard, Hope, Unrequited love
Dahlia Changeable
Daisy Innocence
Damask Rose Freshness
Everlasting Daisy Increasing Remembrance
Fern Fascination, Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not Constant Love
Foxglove Insincere
French Marigold Jealousy, Discontent
Freesia Innocence
Fuschia Discernment
Garden Daisy Sentiment Shared
Gardenia Refinement, Joy
Garland of Roses Heroes Reward
Geranium Dark Sadness
Geranium Ivy Bridal Tribute
Geranium Lemon Surprise Meeting
Geranium Scarlet Comfort
Gerbera: Red Unconscious in love
Gerbera: White Truth, Innocence
Gerbera: Yellow I’ll try harder to win you
Gerbera: Orange You’re the sunshine of my life
Gladiolus Readily armed
Heliotrope Faithful Devotion
Hibiscus Rare Beauty
Honeysuckle Country Beauty
Hyacinth Sporting, Constancy
Hyacinth: White Discreet Loveliness
Hydrangea Callous
Iris Communication, Eloquence
Ivy Friendship, Wedded love
Jasmine Conviviality
Jonquils Seeking Affection
Laburnum Forsaken
Lady’s Slipper Flighty
Larkspur Fickleness, Haughtiness
Lavender Cautious
Lilac: Field Charity
Lilac: Purple First Love
Lilac: White Youthful Innocence
Lily-of-the-Valley Increased Happiness
Lily White Purity
Lotus Flower Rejected Love
Love-in-a-Mist Uncertainty
Magnolia Perseverance, Benevolence
Marigold Ill at ease
Narcissus Egotistical
Nasturtium Loyalty
Palm Victorious
Pansies Consideration
Peony Bashfulness, Indignation
Poinsettias Flowers of Christmas Eve or Flower of the Holy Night
Polyanthus Price of Riches
Poppies: Red Consolation
Poppies: Scarlet Extravagance
Poppies: White White
Primroses Youth, Inconsistency
Ranunculas Radiant Charm
Rhodadendron Dangerous
Rosebuds: Red Purity
Rosebuds: White Youth
Rosemary Sweet Remembrance
Roses Love
Roses: Bridal Happy Love
Roses: Cabbage Ambassador of Love
Roses: China Fresh Beauty
Roses: Yellow Jealousy
Rose-leaf You may hope
Snapdragon Presumption
Snowdrop Consolation, Friendship in trouble
Statice Sea Lavender - To Stand
Stock Lasting beauty
Sunflower: Tall Pride
Sunflower: Dwarf Worship
Sweet Peas Delicacy
Sweet William Bravery
Tiger Flower Declaration
Tuberosa Illicit Pleasures, Dangerous
Tulip Fame
Tulip: Red Declaration of Love
Tulip: Yellow Unrequited Love
Violet: Sweet Modesty
Violet: Blue Faithful Devotion
Wallflower Heart’s Ease
Water Lily Chastity and Virtue
Wattle: Yellow Secret Love
Wattle: Rose or White Elegance, Friendship
Wax Flower Riches
Wisteria Cordial welcome
Xanthium Pertinacity, Rudeness
Zinnias Thoughtful and Recollection


Source Sydney Flowers Markets